Use benchmarks to keep you sharp

You work hard to run a successful e-commerce operation. And things look good.

But do you really have all the information at hand that helps you to control and improve your business? What to track, and how to track it without wasting too much time? How to turn that enormous pile of data into useful insights? And where do you stand compared with your competitors?

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Key Performance Indicators

At Digital Pepper Asia we help our merchants to track 20-30 crucial eCommerce Key Performance Indicators for each store operation and turn the information into justifiable actions, helping to improve your web store(s) non-stop.

To collect, analyse and report your performance date we use a combination of in-house tools and readily available platforms like Google Analytics. We dive quite a bit deeper into your Shopify data than your standard Shopify Analytics & Reports allow you.

By combining data from various sources, we can show you exactly where your potentials to grow faster are hiding.

We can create custom Google Data Studio reports for you, where we pull data from various sources together into reports which are automatically distributed to the staff you select.

Industry Ranking

We are able to rank your web store against other web stores in your market segment. This is done completely anonymous, none of your details will be shared outside our platform, just aggregated, non-personal data points will be used for industry ranking.


We rank your traffic, visitor experience, social performance and mobile readiness against other players in your industry. This shows where there is room for improvement.

With these accurate and up-to-date insights, you now know where your energy will be used best to drive further improvements and outperform your competitors.

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