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Opening a web store or listing products on a marketplace is relatively simple. But turning an online sales operation into a highly profitable sales operation seems much harder for lots of merchants.

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Balance between costs and margins

Online prices are more transparent, and there always seems to be a cheaper alternative, which often leads to thinner margins. In such a situation, it’s crucial to keep your costs under tight control. And at the same time, you need to add value to your products so that price is no longer the only magnet to convince shoppers.

In Singapore, staff costs are often a substantial slice of your cost pie. And it’s hard to find experienced staff willing to build a long term online business with you.

Revenue Sharing Agreement

At Digital Pepper Asia, we have developed a simple but effective solution to this challenge: our experienced teams can assist with every element of your online sales mix, or even take over day-to-day web store operations and digital marketing coordination for you> And instead of a fixed fee, or billed by the hour, we work on a revenue share base.

This ensures that you always have a knowledgeable team of e-commerce specialists at your side, as motivated as you are to drive additional sales while keeping external costs like logistics and advertising under control together with you. Revenue sharing becomes an option for stores with average monthly revenue of around $20,000.

Existing clients where we work based on revenue sharing agreements claim cost savings of up to 50% on operational costs, see better annual growth rates in the range of 50%-150% and a sharply improved Return On Ad Spend. These merchants can also implement new ideas faster and continue improving service levels and bottom line: simply earn more.

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