Shopify Experts

85% of the web stores we build, we build with Shopify.

We launched our first Shopify Store in 2010, when Shopify was still a relatively small e-commerce platform, processing around USD 100 Million in revenue for its merchants.
Last year Shopify reached a GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) of USD 61 Billion, In Q2 2020 it reported a year o year growth of 119%.
And in the meantime, the Shopify market valuation has passed USD 100 Billion (NYSE:SHOPand by mid-2020 its market cap passed that of IBM.  Shopify must do something good, isn't it?

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Why We Like Shopify

Shopify is built from the ground up to support eCommerce entrepreneurs. Shopify Themes allow us to build fantastic looking stores in almost every market segment. And with its open structure and huge collection of Shopify Apps, Shopify can be tailored to your individual needs, far beyond what Themes and Apps offer today, to create a web store that stands out from the crowd and delivers the exact functionality to make your shoppers feel at home at your web store.

Shopify takes all the hosting worries away: secure, easily scalable, and with rock-solid customer support, without the need to manage your own racks, bandwidth, security certificates, backups and so on.

The Shopify Admin is available to you on desktop, tablet or mobile phone and is fully tailored towards the needs of eCommerce entrepreneurs. Managing good a looking product page or collections is easy. Fulfilling orders is a breeze. Shopify offers a decent set of basic reporting templates to get a quick idea of your store performance. And we have the tools to dive deeper and provide you actionable insights at any moment.

Via their rich set of APIs and Liquid (their open-source template language), we get access to information and functionality not available via their regular Store Admin interface.

And when you run your own ERP system, we help you to integrate Shopify seamlessly with your ERP.

Digital Pepper Asia Is an Award Winning Shopify Partner