Running Your Webstore

Do what you are best at, and you'll win!

A growing number of our clients asks us to take care of day-to-day online store operations and digital marketing, so they can concentrate on sourcing great products and fulfilling orders fast and efficiently.

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Let us help you run your web store

Here are some of the day to day services we provide:

  • Product catalogue management: we keep your product catalogue in perfect shape. Updates in product features, prices and inventory are processed 24/7. We analyse product performance and decide which product pages need more care to boost conversion rates. And we work on product page SEO almost non-stop. We can advise you about gaps in your product line-up, and keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Product collection management: collections help your shoppers to navigate your store and find products. We analyse shopping behaviour and adjust your collections when we expect this will help your shoppers.
  • Store promotions and campaigns. We love them, and attractive stores have always something going on. We analyse shopping behaviour and competition to find products that will benefit from such promotions. We design eye-catching artwork, create high converting landing pages, reach out to your audiences via social media, PPC, EDM and partners. We manage store discounts, track results and discuss this with you. So we learn and run the next promotion with even better results.
  • Store redesign and upgrades. Every day you learn more about your store visitors, your customers. And your competition never takes it easy. That’s why your store is never ready. We are always on the lookout for new functions and features that can help you to sell more. We take the initiative and keep your store looking attractive and competitive.

How much does web store management cost?

As mentioned, these are just some of the tasks we perform when we help you to run your web store(s). And we found out that the best way get compensated is often based on a revenue share agreement. Simply put: if we don’t do our job well, there is no revenue to share and we work for nothing. If we do a great job, your revenue will grow and we both earn.

Revenue share agreements work best for stores with an average monthly revenue of at least $20,000. For smaller stores, it's often more effective to work on a project base, with clearly defined deliverables and transparent, fixed project fees. 

Good to know: on average, clients who switched from in-house teams or agencies who billed them by the hour, to Digital Pepper Asia, ended up spending 38-62% less on their eCommerce operations during the first year and saw their revenue grow faster than before.

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