Grow faster

You have a web store and feel that there is room for growth.
But where to start?

At Digital Pepper Asia we have developed the e-Commerce Growth Flywheel, a balanced method to grow your online revenue in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

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Four Key eCommerce Growth Drivers

To accelerate the eCommerce Growth Flywheel, it’s key to ensure all 4 growth drivers get the attention they need. Here are the growth drivers we focus on when we help you to grow:

  • Traffic to your store: learn how to drive the right people to your store, at a reasonable price.
  • Conversion rates: if people you bring to the store do not buy, find out why and solve it.
  • Average Basket Size: be aware of how much shoppers spend, and find ways to increase this.
  • Customer Loyalty: learn how to turn an occasional shopper into a loyal customer.

This growth process starts with tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI), analysing them, and prioritising which need immediate attention..

Our toolbox is filled with hundreds of tested and proven methods, initiatives and campaign concepts, ready to implement. These activities help you grow your online revenue in a  sustainable and profitable way.

Learn how to prioritize

Prioritising is key. An example: if your conversion rate is only 0.5%, it’s probably better to concentrate on improving this first, before you start to drive more traffic. Even if we drive your conversion rate up to just 1% with the same traffic, every dollar you spend on extra traffic after this will generate double the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

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