eCommerce Store Creation

We build web stores.
And we are good at it.

Building and launching a new web store is great fun. And although it's only a small part of your efforts to become a real digital commerce champion, it's a job that we love to help you with. Fast, efficient, affordable.

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Web Store Creation

We design your store with your brand identity and customers in mind, we build it, fill it with your product portfolio, set up payment and fulfilment solutions, we integrate your store with your social media and Google Shopping when useful. We install tracking solutions like Google Analitycs and Facebook Pixels in a reliable way. And we make sure that your store properly collects contact details for future EDM campaigns.

And we go a few steps further, when relevant for your success. Some of the more advanced services we integrate at web stores are:

  • Smart search engines, useful for sites with a wide variety of products.
  • Subscription services, to automate repeat purchases and build long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Rental services: to let your customer try a product before they buy it, or offer rentals as an alternative to purchasing a product.
  • Customer Care Chat services, so your site visitors can easily reach out to you. We can also help you to automate part of the responses with smart bots.
  • Loyalty and Rewards programs, where your customers can earn points, or even better: hard currency they can spend on their next visit to your store.
  • ERP Integration, to ensure that your stock levels are up to date and your prices accurate, no matter when and where.

These are just some example of the advanced services we offer. Do you like to know more about how we can help you to launch your next web store? Contact us now via the form below.