We get these question a lot: "Should I focus on my own web store, or better focus on marketplaces like Lazada, Q0010 and Shopee, to name a few?" and "How can I strengthen my brick & mortar outlets) with my online activities"?

Often the answer is simple: combine all those channels in a solid Omni-channel presence. That means that you can combine the advantages of your own store with the benefits of marketplaces.

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Your own web store

Your own store gives you full control over branding, product presentation, and you also can offer services and solutions that marketplaces are not able to support. You own the customer relationship and are able to collect deep insights into their shopping behaviour.


A huge benefit of marketplaces is its ability to attract large amounts of motivated shoppers. But your products might struggle to gain visibility amongst the other 300,000,000 products listed in that same marketplace. 

Getting a product at the first row of any category page in a marketplace is often just as hard as getting your product in position #3 of Search Engine Result Pages. Winning the hearts and wallets of shoppers on marketplaces demands focussed approach, with different tools and rules compared to your own web store. 

Your Brick & Mortar outlets

For retailers with one or more brick & mortar stores, combining online and offline offers lots of exciting new opportunities to grow.

Here's an example. Your web store allows shoppers to find products you sell via search engines, while your stores offer the touch & try the product, easily answer questions and provide instant "fulfilment". Combine those 2 by informing shoppers on your product page where the product is available in brick & mortar stores and you can effectively drive shoppers from online to offline. 

Omni-channel done well

Digital Pepper Asia can help you to structure your back-office systems in a way that makes it a breeze to list products on multiple channels, maintain prices and availability, collect KPIs from all platforms and help you to decide which products you should list on each marketplace to maximise your results.

Our teams know how to make the best use of each sales channel and understand its marketing mechanisms. We are ready to help you with building sustainable and profitable relations, with every channel that is relevant for you.

And yes, we love to integrate your existing brick & mortar outlets in the mix too!

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